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The world needs more courage.

Courage to fear.
Courage to hope.
Courage to hurt.
Courage to cope.
Courage to laugh.
Courage to cry.
Courage to live.
Courage to die.
Courage to love.
Courage to hate.
Courage to leave.
Courage to wait.
Courage to jump.
Courage to fall.
Courage to run.
Courage to crawl.
Courage to go.
Courage to stay.
Courage to work.
Courage to play.
Courage to fail.
Courage to try.
Courage to wish.
Courage to fly.
Courage to fight.
Courage to talk.
Courage to stand.
Courage to walk.
Courage to win.
Courage to lose.
Courage to dream.
Courage to use.
This was written in response to a post my friend put on his blog.
He talked about the followers of the "God hates fags" movement.
He was quite vexed, with reason.

It seems to me that lately, the cool thing to do is to hate people who hate gays.
But don't we just cause more hate by doing this?
It is my opinion, that hate is a result of fear.
But to act upon any emotion, even hatred or fear, requires some degree of courage.
Take fear for example.
Without any courage, one would just freeze and allow whatever happens to happen.
With a little bit of courage, one might have the presence of mind to run away.
With more courage, one might stand and fight.
I think that hate itself is a result of courage, as well as fear.
And, lets face it, the world is a scary place.
It could use some extra courage.
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sanpako Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005  Student
okay I couldn't handle with with all the courages so I just read the last two words in each line. and they were beautiful. I love your rhythm and the slight little rhymes. really nice.

also, holy crap is your preview image hilarious.
Yensil Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
That's okay.
I wanted lots of repetition.
I'm glad you like it. ^-^
I've always had a knack for rhyming.

And yeah, the preview is a spinoff of something a friend of mine drew for a comic on his blog. (In which I made a cameo appearance)
I just changed the dialogue to suit my purposes.
bdandurand Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
we sure need alot of courage. creative, nice work
Yensil Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
I appreciate it.
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